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Learning at our school

Blue Haven Public School uses evidence-based teaching practices to deliver lessons to all students. Students take part in daily warm-ups which provide students with the opportunity to revisit prior learning and apply previously taught content. The aim is to move knowledge from short-term to long-term memory, so students effectively remember what they have learnt.

Our teachers deliver explicit lessons using the explicit instruction model of “I Do, We Do, You Do.” The aim of this approach is to ensure that students are provided with a clear model, followed by guided practice with strong supports before being given the opportunity to work independently. This approach ensures that students are provided with the opportunity to be successful as they are given the tools and strategies to master their learning.

Our teachers receive ongoing professional support in explicit instruction and effectively use warm-ups and explicit teaching in English and Mathematics. Teachers at Blue Haven deliver an inquiry model of teaching for History, Geography, Science and Technology.

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The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is responsible for the curriculum, Kindergarten to Year 12, for all NSW schools.

For the primary years, NESA develops syllabuses for all subjects in 6 key learning areas:

  • creative arts
  • English
  • human society and its environment (HSIE)
  • mathematics
  • personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE)
  • science and technology.

Some primary schools may also offer languages.

NSW schools also offer special religious education and special education in ethics via approved providers, where available.

Like all NSW schools, we have developed teaching and learning programs to suit our local context and the needs of our students.

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Stages of learning

There are 6 stages of learning from Kindergarten to Year 12. Primary school covers Early Stage 1, or Kindergarten, to the end of Stage 3.

  • Stage 1 includes Kindergarten to Year 2 (Kindergarten is referred to as Early Stage 1).
  • Stage 2 includes Years 3 and 4.
  • Stage 3 includes Years 5 and 6.